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The home of fixed fee and promotional risk management

You want a headline grabbing promotion to drive sales, motivate your sales team and keep your customers happy but what happens when it’s too good and blows your budget? Everyone loves revenue growth but hates over redemption and budget overspend.

The one-time fixed fee covers your costs from start to finish and includes:

  • Cost of any free gifts/prizes/cashbacks etc
  • Handling and fulfilment
  • Online web design and management
  • Data capture and analysis
  • Insurance, if required
  • Post activity summary

All handled seamlessly from start to finish,risk free. See our mechanics page for more details on the types of programmes we can run.

Develop bespoke campaigns or choose any or all of our featured tools including free mail-ins, collector schemes, unique code entry, instant win contests, prize draws, cashback offers, trade in and trade up, taste/trial challenges, campaigns on social media.
Specialty Promotions can manage high-traffic FMCG sales promotions in a fast moving environment, and supports PR and marketing professionals building brand awareness through sustained long term campaigns.
Promotion Toolbox gives you peace of mind. Manage risk through strong conversion planning and analysis. Minimise fraud with our tried and tested Fraudshield™ technology built into every campaign tool.